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Adamant Medical
Clinic & Hospital
78, Embankment of the river Moika, Saint-Petersburg

Emergency Department

You need professional assistance?
Please call us immediately!
The cost of calling an adult / child teams - from 6000 rubles.
24-hour ambulance service — emergency Medcare 24 (М24) It works on the basis of Adamant Medical Clinic since 2007.
Our private ambulance service provides three separate professional teams. Such as:
Children private ambulance
assistance - emergency service of pediatric care;
Emergency pediatric
Resuscitation for adults;
Paid Ambulance, working on the basis of the clinic offers a full range of medical services at an affordable price:
  • Aid in particularly severe and urgent cases, medical services in place, admission to our clinic or other specified clinic;
  • Pediatric home aid or hospitalization;
  • Call a doctor at any time at home;
  • Private ambulance at any address;
  • Taking any core laboratory samples;
  • Express analysis;
  • Complex diagnostic tests at home, including ultrasound, cardiogram and others;
  • Transportation of patients to any address, including transport over very long distances and air travels.
Emergency medical assistance:
M24 has advanced equipment for resuscitation and taking express analyzes. All of our doctors are trained professionals with many years of first aid in case of emergency. Each ambulance is equipped with a set of advanced medications for any situation. Within the area of St. Petersburg and the doctors arrive as quickly as possible - Hospital dispatchers point out the exact time of crews' arrival . Private ambulance - it is always a quick response and an individual approach.
Private ambulance of the AMC also offers transportation services to patients at any distance, including long distance and international travel. There may be ordered any special transport (including air or water), which has everything you need for fast and safe transportation of patients of any complexity.
Hospitalization is produced to any hospital of St. Petersburg, North-West Russia and the world. If required hospitalization doctor will discuss with the patient or his close location of the hospital, the conditions of admission and the possibility of further curation patient. You can choose any hospital of your choice. Emergency call, we will help to solve a number of problems and difficulties.
Private ambulance services can provide medical teams on duty at public events, corporate trips, sporting events, etc. Leading paid ambulance of the Spb guarantees an optimal combination of price and quality.
Call toll ambulance for children - the best choice!
Especially for your children, we employ several teams with qualified pediatrician with extensive experience. Childhood diseases have a special presentation and course, sometimes do not like adult diseases. In addition, the child is often unable to clearly explain what, how and where it hurts. Learn the symptoms of the disease, to inspect and make necessary analyzes correctly, without losing precious time - the task for a professional result-oriented, rather than reporting. Therefore, private ambulance, where the real masters of work, it is always better than the state.
Children pay the ambulance is the best choice for caring parents. Often the car from public hospitals have to wait too long, and this is unacceptable, especially if extra help is needed. It is important that an ambulance was equipped with all necessary equipment, as well as it is the key to proper diagnosis and treatment. Our ambulances come quickly and efficiently, they are equipped with all the necessary equipment and medicines for the provision of quality health services. Call toll ambulance with us - it is always beneficial and affordable.

We provide a full range of medical services, with us you will always be healthy and protected. Adamant Medical Clinic - it is always more than just medicine!

Friendly Emergency dispatchers M24 are ready to answer all your questions on the multi-channel round the clock Phone - Call 33 600 03. If you or your loved ones need medical attention: we will help in any situation.

Paid Ambulance in St. Petersburg from our clinic - it's not just a quick response, but also qualified personnel, always ready to help.
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