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30.09.2019 It is with a grateful heart that I would like to thank the staff of the Adamant Hospital and Clinic especially our client service manager, nurses and doctors for the excellent care they gave to my husband and the kindness extended to me. It is frightening when you discover your mate is too sick to travel and must remain in a hospital in a foreign country. Everyone was kind and very professional. His doctor, Dr. Daria Kuleshora showed exemplary knowledge of his condition and was able to exhibit extreme patience when he had difficulty coping with his extensive. ICU stay. Anastasia made me feel that I had someone I could always call She was there whenever I needed her. She helped with everything from getting something for me to read in English to communicating with the travel insurance about our transportation home. I worked as a nurse for 40 years and felt that the nurses were efficient and kind but my favorite was Lena in the intensive care unit. She was very patient and kind. The Hospital Administrators and ICU Doctors, and his Attending were very considerate and took the time to meet with my husband to address his concerns about his long hospital stay. We appreciate all that you have done. Edward Jones is doing very well thanks to all of you and is under the care of his Pulmonary MD. Sincerely,
Brenda Denefield-Jones
29.08.2019 Dear A. M. Staff, Thank you for such wonderful care during our hospital stay. Everyone has been so professional, kind, and caring. You have treated us like friends and family. We will never forget how pleasant and good you have treated us. With our appreciation,
Charles and Sandy Lee
04.07.2019 Eugenie, Anastasia and all the staff. Clyde and I want to thank you for your caring and kindness while we were at AMC. Clyde is healing and the Adamant doctors are pleased with his surgery performed at AMC. We are very thankful to have been sent to AMC and we will always remember you. Thank each of you. Your thoughtfulness mean so much to us, and we just want you to know we truly appreciate it.
Patsy and Clyde Lynck
7.05.2019 Hello, I wanted to send a thank you to your staff, specifically the administrator who helped me on Sunday May 5th, around 3pm. I called ahead and discussed my situation with your administrator (unfortunately I didn't catch her name) and she was incredibly helpful and professional, and above all, gracious. I ended up not being able to access your services due to a problem with my insurance, but she nonetheless helped me tremendously, printing out a map and giving me directions where to go. She was so friendly and helpful, and I am so grateful. Because of her, I would absolutely recommend your services to all of my English-speaking (and Russian) friends living in Saint Petersburg. Please let her know that I say thank you. I am the Canadian with the injured knee, in case she remembers me. Thank you again,
Talia Kollek
16.04.2019 April 1, 2019 Dear Dr. Myzuilev, I want to thank you for the care you gave me when I came to your clinic on March 11 for a broken wrist. My doctors here tell me you did excellent job of re-setting my wrist. I am now in a shorter cast and no longer wear the sling. Now I just have to wait until the bone heals. Thank you again for your help. With best wishes,
Josephine Dobkin
28.03.2019 February 2019 Dearest Dr. Shcherbakovskiy, Eugenia, Elena, and Medical Team, Jim and me are still so thankful for the wonderful care your taem provided me last summer. When we tell family and friends about our experience, they look at us complete astonishment! It definitely makes for a great story! Yuor genuine concern for my well-being, as well as my husband's, was greatly appreciated - more than words can adequately express. Your English was equally impressive! Not only were you able to converse in English, but also with medical terminology! The only word we can speak in Russian is "nyet!" Also, I want to let you know that once I came home to the States, my doctor did not follow your advise and ultimately caused me several more trips to the hospital. Finally, a competent urologist saw your pictures of my ureter and stone and took me seriously! I had the Russian-placed stent removed a month later. Since then I have had no other concerns - all my insides are functioning property and I have no more pain! Thank you again fir everything. No small act of your kindness by your staff was unnoticed by us.
Jim and Martina Randall
05.10.18 In September this year I visited your clinic in severe pain and discomfort. I was seen promptly and after a thorough examination was advised that I needed to see a dermatologist. Dr. Skrek Sergey Vladislavovich was called and he was at the clinic within 20 minutes. He was also very thorough and understood my complex history and the medications I was taking. This was greatly reassuring. Following blood tests (results obtained in 15 minutes) I had a treatment plan and medication was provided “on the spot”. In this particular circumstance the timing of treatment was critical as there was only a small “window of opportunity” to halt the progress of the virus. I returned for a scheduled visit within 36 hours to check on my progress. The treatment plan was reviewed following an ENT phone consultation. I was able to leave St. Petersburg and continue my travels as planned. I feel very fortunate to have had such an efficient and professional response from the staff at your clinic. Becoming so unwell in a foreign country could have been very stressful. However, I left the clinic (on both occasions) feeling confident that I was put on the right road to recovery. The treatment was effective (in the time frame that Dr. Vladislavovich had foreseen) and I was able to continue my travel plans which otherwise would have been significantly disrupted. I would be happy to write a review as it might be useful for other travellers who find themselves in a similar situation. Thanks again to the staff at the Adamant Medical hospital and clinic, especially Dr. Vladislavovich.
Genia Sawczyn
Dear Dr. Danilevich, I am writing to say "THANK YOU" to you and your wonderful staff. My husband, John M., and I flew to St. Petersburg to join a Viking River Cruise on Tuesday, July 19. Unfortunately, on Thursday, July 21 John was admitted to your hospital with a serious case of pneumonia. From the moment we arrived, your staff took good care of us. John's case was assigned to Dr. Markovich (a wonderful man) and after a chest x-ray showed significant fluid in his lungs, he was admitted. We were immediately assigned to Anush who, with the help of Eugenie Fedorov, provided us absolutely excellent case management. They were both extremely helpful during the time we were there. The ladies at your reception desk were also so helpful, patiently answering my many questions and helping me with details through our ordeal. Our travel insurance company handled all the arrangements necessary to get us home to the US, with the help of a nurse/escort, and your staff was very willing to help coordinate all the details. We left for home on Sunday, July 24. Needless to say, we did not have the kind of vacation on which we had planned. However, thanks to the expertise, kindliness, and caring of your entire staff, what could have been a scary experience and a total disaster, was turned into an experience where we felt very safe and cared for. We have shared with our many friends the wonderful care we received in your hospital.
Thank you again, Bonnie M.
Dear Elena, We arrived home safely just before midnight on Thursday. The travel arrangements all went to plan and we got the necessary assistance at the airports to make our way through security and passport control. Susan's recovery is going well. She has seen her GP and a referral to the local fracture clinic is in progress. Thank you for the excellent medical care Susan received and all the support and advice provided during our stay. It was not possible to thank everyone personally so please let your colleagues know how grateful we are.
Kind regards and with our very best wishes, David and Susan H.
Hello Elena, I arrived to Santo Domingo yesterday at night... I have your email to the insurance company... Thanks a lot for all your help, your friendliness, courtesy and especially your high value of humanity. I will call to the insurance company today and keep you informed. Thanks, and remember you have two friends in Mexico and Dominican Republic.
Regards, Ernestina y Eugenia
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