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Adamant Medical
Clinic & Hospital
78, Embankment of the river Moika, Saint-Petersburg

About AMC

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Multidisciplinary medical center,
private pay clinic
Adamant Medical Clinic (AMC) is one of the largest diversified
medical centers among private clinics of St. Petersburg.
Since 1993 Adamant Medical Clinic and Hospital (AMC) has been providing qualified medical care to you and your family. Today AMC is a large complex consisting of in-patient and out-patient department, providing medical services in 39 clinical specialities.
In 1993, the clinic was called the Adamant Medical Center and was part of the same name of a network of medical centers successfully operating in the Prague, Warsaw, Kiev and Moscow.

At the head of the clinic were Western managers, and the reception clock and led Russian doctors and specialists from the United States and Canada.
Now the clinic is a multidisciplinary medical center, providing services to 39 destinations with non-stop adult and children's hospital and a private ambulance service A24.
Reception is the highest category of Russian doctors, good knowledge of English and use in their work the latest achievements of medical science in Europe and the United States.

In complex situations, consultation leading foreign specialists for a second opinion (second opinion) can be organized on the same day.
Why do we believe that providing the highest quality world-class health care services?
Our principle: the willingness to help the patient 24 hours a day.
Private ambulance service 'Medicaid 24' working around the clock 365 days a year.
The private hospital clinics can be hospitalized as an emergency and scheduled patients.
All necessary medical services from laboratory studies to complex high-tech treatments you can get in one place.
All diagnostic equipment in the clinic meets the latest international requirements.
We have:
  • Hour emergency room
  • Surgical wards (14 comfortable chambers)
  • Intensive care unit, (4 separate unit) equipped with a unique ventilation system and video surveillance
  • Hospital for Children
  • The latest ultrasonography diagnostic devices (US)
We offer:
  • Emergency medical care in emergency situations.
  • Outpatient surgery
  • Round the clock assistance in emergency and planned hospitalization
  • All kinds of gynecological operations
  • Endoscopic operations at various levels of difficulty
  • Orthopedic surgery with internal fixation for complex fractures, dislocations, congenital anomalies
  • Complex diagnostic examinations: 'I am healthy', 'I am healthy', 'Healthy Heart', 'Onkoprofilaktika' aimed at the early detection of diseases and general diagnostics.
  • Outpatient reception otolaryngologist patients of any age with any problems
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